jueves, 10 de enero de 2013

Balance in your life!

So simple and quick to start your day healthy “Granola with raspberries and crisp honey apples”… Life its all about balance, and this year 2013 its you chance to start all over again with the right attitude. I’m sure that under your new years resolution the words “health, diet and exercise” were present. Here are some tips that would help you to accomplish all your goals.


I know sometimes how hard is to grab breakfast, maybe because we are running late to work or class. But, we must understand that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.
Skipping meals would just help us to have some problems with concentration, metabolism and weight.  And, with this bowl full of nutritious fruit and granola I’m sure you are going to have all the energy that you need to get your day started!!!


Did you know that if you do something regularly for the next 28 days it would become a habit. Suddenly, everything that took you a lot of effort to accomplish would just become natural. Set up simple goals. Try; to take at least a 20 min walk every day around a park. Forget your problems, relax while doing it, admire the trees and breath deeply and believe me you are going to feel more that great!

Here is the trick,..Do not starve yourself doing a difficult killing diets. What is better is changing your eating habits by avoiding bread, sodas, & sugars. You don’t even have to diet. Because as soon as I think of diet, all I want to do is eat everything, so just keep it simple and nutritious. “Remember you are what you eat”

 Where to take that walk? Botanical gardens in Brooklyn, Ny

Its just beautiful going there, get lost with nature!

sábado, 5 de enero de 2013

Crispy sweet potato fries!!!=)

Since I move to DC, I must say that I have been craving one of my favorites NY restaurants “The Spotted Pig” I have been a big fan of chef April Bloomfield since I meet her in a charity event that I volunteer called "A second helping of life". What I really like about her style of cooking is that she doesn’t try to impress anybody, it is just comfort food and goood!!! But I mean so good that you are going to crave her fries, pork belly & hamburgers like I do!

2 Batonnet sweet potatoes
2 Garlic cloves sliced
4 Thyme spring (chopped)
4 Rosemary spring (chopped)
Grapeseed/ sunflower, or vegetable oil to fry!

How do I get them very crispy?

Here is the trick to get that doré-golden brown perfection. Wherever you are doing regular french fries or sweet potato fries, you always want to fry them twice. First, at a low temperature for “blanching” with the oil heat @300 for 15 min. At this point you just want to soft the potato fries. Note that we are not adding any color. Latter on, you transfer them to a plate with a paper towel to drain the excess fat.
Now you turn up the heat @400 and you add the potatoes again to you pot. At this time, you do want that sexy, golden doré style that makes you want to eat all your fries before you get them to the table! Remember always to season your fries with salt & cayene pepper!
For my aioli:
½ cup mayonnaise
2 garlic cloves chopped very finely
Cayenne pepper
Mix all the ingredients

If you are in NY, I strongly recommend to stop by, and have some pork belly for me =) 

Have a great weekend & enjoy all the delicious food!!!