martes, 14 de junio de 2011

just a previeww!

First video ever, a had a lot of fun:).... Stayed tune for the real video, great recipes coming=) yeeeii!

viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

Aromas & Sabores!

I felt in love with this tarahumaran boy so cute!
So, right now I’m at Creel, Chihuahua on a culinary tour with one of the most recognized mexican chefs: Patricia Quintana. She is well known for showing to the world what authentic Mexican cuisine is; author of many books, historian, and owner of the popular restaurant “Izote”.

A group of chefs, photographers and writers from all over the world came together to discover the majestic beauty of the Copper Canyon. Everywhere you look it’s picture time.… the big mountains, the smell of the big pines trees, the mystic culture of the tarahumara indians, the perfect scenery to be in a place where you can touch the sky, a piece of heaven=)

lovely lady!

The tarahumara Indians have lived in this area for centuries, they are a unique culture because of their geographical
situation, which has helped them to maintained and preserved the same way of living from generations to generation.
They live in complete harmony with their environment, which it’s now known as a sustainable way of living.

Talking about food, we have eaten soooo much!! from the best gorditas I ever tried,  made of blue corn filled with carne seca and mennonite cheese, to having discada; a traditional dish made of stir fry bacon, ground beef, chorizo, pork, and anaheim pepper cooked in an open fired in a  big steel disc, it’s mmmmh amazing!!!! With corn tortillas and frijoles charros, what else can I ask for?

the red corn tortillas with chili colorado! so coolorful!

cooking the delicious discada!
Let’s not forget the refreshing Sotol made from sotol plant, a liqueur like tequila or mezcal but the difference is that it is found and made only in the north part of Mexico and the flavor profile its smoother and subtler.  

The best time of the year to come here is during the fall or spring, and the best places to stay are the Posada Barrancas Mirador and the Best Western Hotel in Creel.
Copper canyon

Well my friends I will let you go, enjoy the summer and don’t forget to smile!!!=)