martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

My Chicken Pot Pie!

When I start writing for a new post on my blog, I always get caught up trying not to repeat the same thoughts that I have in life. This entrance it’s about a New Me. I know I have said this in the past. But I feel that my life has been full of great chapters. Living in New York when I went to culinary school, moving to San Francisco to do my extern, living abroad in Nice, France when I was in high school and now living and working in DC. There has been definitely, ups and downs but so far during this exciting trip of my life, I have meet so many wonderful people, that bright my day with huge smiles and warm hugs that remind me of home.

This recipe, started because I was so excited to use my new cast iron that I got as a gift, from someone very special that I was dating. Memories come and go but one thing I got from this relationship is that I’m never going to forget our days of cooking together. Imagine two chefs in one kitchen? That’s a lot of love and flavor… But life goes on; reality and distance hit us… And now that we are not together, I guess I am trying to get to know me again=)

I Hope you like my chicken potpie!!! The most important thing for this beautiful and hearty recipe, is to add a lot of love, and patience, yessss a lot lot of patience!! Sounds easy no? try it=)

Chicken Potpie!

Ingredients for filling:
1 chicken breast or tights deboned
1 shallot, chopped
Fingerling potatoes
2 carrots diced
Parsley & thyme, chopped
Celery, small diced
Butternut squash, medium dice
Bacon fat, 2 spoons
½ cup heavy cream
¼ cup red or white wine


  1. Cut all the vegetables. Sear the chicken with bacon fat over medium heat to add a little bit of color. 
  2. Remove the chicken add the vegetables to the pan and sweat them over the drippings of the chicken and bacon fat. 

Add the chicken back to the cast iron, deglaze with wine and let the alcohol evaporate, about 2 minutes.
Add the milk, and lower the heat.
When you are ready turn on the over to 255… Cover the cast iron with the dough and, brush the sides and the top of the crust with the egg to add color. 
    Bake it for 45 minutes and enjoy it!!!