domingo, 30 de diciembre de 2012

Morning my red pink love...

Hello everybody!=)

I’m so glad I was able to sit down and write again, I miss it too much!! But first, how was your holiday? Did you cook any special recipes to share? I made my moms classic crepes with pasilla chili and Chicken, uff delicious!! That I must share with you next time!

Well I know that you maybe thinking about starting a diet soon, because I know I do. Here I bring you a quick easy fix to start your new years resolution. My beet and orange juice will help you to start with the right foot and loose those extra pounds. And with my new juicer maker that I got for Christmas I will be starting to detox now.

1 Honey crisp apple
2 oranges
2 big red beets (cooked)

Put it in juicer and Voila!!! enjoy!

Have a lovely new years!!!  Try to spend it and celebrated with the people you love the most and appreciate those special moments, cause memories last forever. I love you all and I miss my Mexico so much!!! Los quiero!!=)