martes, 5 de abril de 2011

El principio!

So I can’t stop blogging and I can’t stop writing hahaha I’m more in love with this thing more than ever..... I’m still at work waiting for dinner service to start.. I’m making a salad and sincronisadas very Mexican!
If you don’t know I work as the executive and private chef of the Governor of Sinaloa... YES it’s a very stressful job and very demanding but since the past four months I have been here, everyday since to be easier. My team I cant complain they are awesome, they are 4 ladies that help me in the kitchen and 4 handsome guys hahahhaa, really I couldn’t ask for more... to not make the story longer I finish my work here in a month!  Its kind of sad because I met a lot of good people and I made a lot of political connections that are always good hahaha... but also I’m very happy for the things and the plans that are coming in the future!!
I was chosen to build a kitchen, to train everybody, to create a menu and to create systems for everything.
Finally with a lot of patience and hope I did it, and honestly at the beginning I was thinking to give up, it was a lot of stress to handle.   
Ok enough about my life hahah later with more time I will tell you more.......
This picsss are from a welcoming party that I did for my niece Rafaela she is adorable!.. Everything was perfect, and the dessert table was unforgettable... it was the first time I made a cake like that, and I got amazed OF HOW PRETTY it was haha I put fresh flowers to make it prettier
The gift for the ladies was my recipe for chocolate chip cookies, I got the idea from a blog (bakerella)..  welll ENJOYY!! I HAVE TO GOOOO SERVICE JUST STARTEEEDD!!1 BYES=)