jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

My summer=)

 Ok, yes I have to admit that I have been absent for a long time, but I haven’t forgotten about you!... I have had so many changes, luckily!!! So I’m back to school, at Ny, in “The Culinary Institute of America” for my bachelors in Hospitality and Management, and yes I’m so happy here. I really missed it. It’s beautiful, green every where you look! Everybody it’s so interested about food, which I love!! I came back with purpose. To make a great connection, that I don’t know how! But it will lead me to have my own cooking show some day! I know its kind of crazy and hard to believe, but if I follow my heart and my dreams I think I will accomplish it =)! Hopefully! Hahaha=)
So, I took a long vacation with my family this summer. I went to so many extraordinary places: Italy, Greece, Istanbul, France, Spain, you name it, all around. It was wooww unforgettable! I learned so much about each country; traditions, culture, food! Believe me I came back gaining a few pounds! Hahaha but it doesn’t matter it is all worth it!
 There’s so much to talk about my trip. One of the countries that I felt in love with is Spain, so rich in many aspects, in food, culture, art, history, and architecture! If you ever go please, don’t hesitate to go to “Mercado San Miguel,” in Madrid, it’s amazing! The whole concept, its extraordinary, you walk around “The Mercado” testing all the different tapas like “Pulpo a la Gallega”, “Boquerones al Vinagre”, “Montaditos de Jamon”, “Patatas Bravas.” Don’t forget all the different varietals of grapes from Rioja, Alicante and Galicia. I totally re-discover my love for Tempranillo and Albariño wines witch for me were amazingly and truthfully to Spanish soils! Rich and strong, but subtle and elegant at the same time! Don’t forget the beer too, so refreshing and just perfectly crafted! Uff so many good memories come to my mind that is making me hungry, so if you are a foodie like me THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!! !
There's colorful food everywhere, great wines, fresh seafood, best charcuterie ever and amazing tapas. What else can you ask for? I love “Mercado’s “and Spain has THE BEST of the world. I can be there for hours, taking, pictures, eating the authentic food, and talking to the vendors about their products. “La Boqueria” and “Mercado Santa Caterina” in Barcelona, don’t forget to check them out too!
Greece, was another place that blowed my mind. Everything is special in this place, I don’t know if is in the freshness and simple food that makes everything delicious, but I couldn’t help ordering Greek salad, and grilled octopus in each restaurant that we went. So good and simple! And aaaah! The scenery of the crystal water, which matches the blue perfect sky with white houses, it’s just so perfect! One of my favorite places of the whole world believe me=) love it!

France, I became addicted to croque madame (toasted bread or brioche, cheese au gratin, béchamel sauce and a fried egg on top) they are so good! I ate so many of them, at breakfast, lunch and dinner upppssi!!! France is the land for patisseries, which are full of macaroons, croissants, baguettes, brioche and little pastries! One of my hardest decisions for me was picking my pastry of the day! It was very hard!.... and please let’s not forget the nutela crêpes from Montmartre! Uuff sooo good!

Italy! Ciao bella! I’m taking Italian classes now=) jajaja… Everyplace its lovely in Italy! Rome, Capri, Florence, San Gimignano, Volterra, Venice! It’s like in the movies, so pretty to be true! Driving to the Toscana, it made me realized how blessed I was of being there. I will never forget it, the quality of life that Italian’s have of drinking an espresso instead of coffee, and drinking wine in each meal, and limonccello as a digestive, and why not a gelato or a tiramisu for dessert? They are just in another level!

My best summer ever!!! Can’t wait to go to another trip with my family! I love them! =) So much fun!