lunes, 5 de agosto de 2013

Las Sensation!

Last Monday I invited my friends over for a dinner. We were celebrating the visiting of my two friends Andrea, and Irela. They booth came from Mexico and stayed in DC for two weeks. I must say that this trip helped us to understand that in our friendship; time, distance and limited communication does not affect our strong connection as friends.

We can spend hours and hours taking, and gossiping, but at the end of the day; we always laugh about the same jokes. We know each other’s from head to toe, weaknesses, dreams, worries, love life, etc. Yesss sorry boyfriends,!!! but we know  all about YOU as well as your FRIENDS life….”it is what it is” GIRLS TALK=)
Being with friends its like entering to the honest battlefield. The best thing about having my friends is that we love each other how we are and that is what makes our friendship stronger.=) las quiero !Plus they help me to cook=)))

On the right! @andreacompean "la ordenada"
On the left @irelagrijalva "la fotografa" 

What we cook? mmmm let me show you!

We all had a fabulous time and we ate like crazy!  I turned on the grill and we cook skirt steak with grilled veggies, pesto and shaved parmesan. A delicious fusilli and langoustines pasta with chipotle that was to die for! I must give the credit to @ChefRickySilen, it was amazing!!!.... Irela made garlic bread, and Andrea made a green salad, with a balsamic and honey vinaigrette! What a team no? Wait don’t forget about desert! But my friend Luly from Mazatlan brought her Mexican heritage and made some “fresas con crema” YUMMYYYY!!!!


You can use any veggie on season, cut the vegetables very big so you don’t lose them while grilling them. Drizzle some olive oil, salt, pesto and put them on the grill for minutes at med heat. Once done eat them! =)

red onion, red bell pepper, zucchini and asparagus + pesto, olive oil, salt = great source of energy, plus they taste fabulous!

 Fusilli pasta with langoustines!
C’est moi! Heating the water for the pasta. Just drizzle a punch of salt to the water, and plis plis don’t add olive oil to the water pasta! Traveling and cooking with Italians I realize that nobody does that! So lets try to be Italians no?
Chopped white onion
2 garlic cloves
Olive oil, butter
White wine
8 langoustines
Chopped scallions
Heavy cream
1 spoon chipotle

Add the ingredients in order; let the sauce reduce at med heat. Salt and pepper to taste. This recipe it is almost like my MAMA’S famous chipotle pasta with camarones… that everyone that comes to visit my house falls in love with=)


Evaporated milk + strawberries = a dessert so sweet and tasty that you will like to have more! Trust me!;)


los adorados!..... PS; why sensation??? ask Ricardo Velderrain "alias el Valde" en tiempos de prepa! by the way es mi amigo famoso!