jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

Re-discover You!!!

Why not? should be the question you should be asking your self every time a new adventure comes into your life. Push your self to be different! following your own rules and ideas. Do what ever you want to do! Remember, the sky is the limit!! and there is only one life to take the risk and learn from it. Don’t worry if you don't fit in. Be different, be cool, that’s what makes you special! Unique! Open your windows at the morning, have late breakfast, watch the rain, have a glass of wine before bed, by local, learn to cook, learn to paint, learn to dance, explore, travel, get lost. Simple words and advices that have shown me become the COOL PERSON THAT I AM hahaha! I love you all!!! aaahhh SMILE! ALWAYS!=)
Always have fresh flowers and grow your own herbs, why not??... I not sure if is bad luck but I tell you that this spring two plants already die at my house. To prevent this from happening, please make sure you give them a lots lots of love!!! 

Ride with style, and go green!!!! This is how I roll, I just got it, is in it beautiful??? I feel like the happiest person riding it!